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Personal, Corporate & PhD Coaching Services

Welcome to White Cloud Coaching, a leading provider of bespoke coaching and mentoring packages for personal development, corporate and executive development, and PhD support and strategy.


Our core values are Passion, Courage and Integrity. We use these values everyday to ensure that we deliver the highest quality coaching and encourage our clients to achieve success. We will be your sounding board, strategist and all-round support as you progress with your developmental goals.

Our Services

White Cloud Coaching specialises in the below areas of expertise. Click below for details of how we can help you achieve greatness.

Our Services

Personal Performance Coaching

Do you feel stuck and unable to make progress with your goals? Click below to find out how we can support you.

Corporate & Executive Coaching

Here at White Cloud Coaching, we offer 1 to 1 packages and group workshops to support your employees achieve greatness. Click below to find out what we can offer you.

PhD Coaching & Mentoring

Would you like to thrive in your PhD instead of survive? At times do you struggle to see the wood for the trees? Click below to find out what support we can offer.


“My coaching sessions with Michelle revolutionised how I think about things and helped me see why I was procrastinating.”

Hertfordshire, UK


Ready to find out more?

It is often said that a dream with a date becomes a goal... A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan... And a plan backed by action makes your dreams come true. If you're ready to make your dreams a reality, drop us an enquiry by clicking below and a Certified Coach will be in touch!

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