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PhD Coaching & Mentoring

Here at White Cloud Coaching, we offer bespoke coaching and mentoring packages for PhD students run by certified, PhD-qualified coaches. These are designed with you and your specific challenges in mind. 

PhD Coaching and Mentoring Packages

Our coaching and mentoring services are designed to help you overcome the most challenging aspects of the PhD, in conjunction with a supportive, practical PhD-qualified coach. Sessions can be handled by telephone or through Skype/Zoom - making it even easier to access the support you need from the comfort of your own home!


Our coaches have been there and worn the T-shirt, so you can be assured of a personal service by someone who has experienced your challenges first-hand. We cover anything from the practical elements such as thesis writing and giving presentations, to the more challenging issues including self doubt, coping with uncertainty and maintaining momentum over several years.

Get in touch below for more information and start thriving instead of surviving your PhD!

PhDbuddy - Coming soon...

PhDbuddy is a one-stop platform designed to support PhD students at every stage of their qualification. Here you can watch videos and webinars run by certified, PhD-qualified coaches and read our blog posts on the many challenging areas of life in academia, including:

- Overcoming imposter syndrome

- Writing your thesis

- Getting published

- Coping with procrastination and writer's block

- Life after the PhD

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